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Substance Designer Materials

Substance Designer made me do it...

Some materials I made in Substance Designer for a couple of environments that I am currently working on. I wanted to focus on creating good tiling materials that would work on a lot of surfaces and that could be reused for other projects as well.

The environment will hopefully be up soon!

Jonas holmedal ue4 screen

Material Blend, UE4 Screenshot

Jonas holmedal ancient plasterd bricks

Ancient Bricks Dirty

Jonas holmedal breakdown texture ancient brick plaster

Ancient Bricks Dirty, textures

Jonas holmedal ancient bricks clean

Ancient Bricks Clean

Jonas holmedal breakdown texture clean ancient brick

Ancient Bricks Clean, textures

Jonas holmedal ancient pattern

Ancient Pattern

Jonas holmedal texture breakdown ancient pattern

Ancient Pattern, textures

Jonas holmedal concrete bunker

Generic Concrete

Jonas holmedal breakdown texture concrete bunker

Generic Concrete, textures