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Kriss Vector

Kriss Vector! Planned to be a quick and short project that became a long one.
Modeled in Maya, baked in Marmoset, textured in Painter with a little help from both Quixel and Photoshop.
Rendered in Octane and viewer from Marmoset.

Very special thanks to my brother Simon who helped me with both lightning and rendering in Octane, and for letting me use all of his graphics cards at once.

You can read more about it here:

Jonas holmedal kriss01named

Kriss Vector

Jonas holmedal kriss06named

Kriss Vector - Clean

Jonas holmedal kriss03named

Kriss Vector - Drama 01

Jonas holmedal kriss05named

Kriss Vector - Drama 02

Jonas holmedal kriss02named

Kriss Vector - Up close and personal

Jonas holmedal kriss04named

Kriss Vector - Super dodgy render

Kriss Vector - Wide

Kriss Vector - Close

Kriss Vector - Marmoset Viewer